I am dedicating this post for my undying love for Bleach

No, not the ones you use for cleaning your clothes. It’s Bleach, the anime/manga made by the awesome Kubo Tite.

I’ve been hanging on to some IshiHime (yes, that’s right, I ship Ishida and Orihime) feels for quite some time. I went to livejournal and found Bleachness. I’m assuming it’s a community for sharing all kinds of Bleach goodness and pairings.  And mind you, I almost cried from reading one of their IshiHime fanfics. It was so good T____T

Anyway, I read one of the first posts and it says

Cute tweet from Kudo Masashi (animation director of now deceased Bleach anime) on what he thinks when drawing Rukia.

Hold that thought.






I quickly check out wiki, and it confirmed that yes, the anime for Bleach has already been finished. The last episode aired on March 27, 2012.

You guys. You don’t know how much this means to me. Bleach was what launched me in all these fangirling business. Over anime. Over manga. Over pairings. It made me go on shipping sprees. It made me go googly eyes over everything Japan related. It made me gaga over things that are kawaii and sugoi (ha! don’t care how you’re annoyed with those words, I’m still gonna use them).

This is all just big news to me. I’ve been away from the fandom for so long. This is all so overwhelming. I want to rewatch it but so many things are holding me back. I think I’m just gonna cry in a corner or something.


okay can we stop and talk about this for a second here.

this part in the clip really got to me. we know Loki is a lot more crazy and ruthless in this movie than he was in Thor, so we really cannot expect Loki to go easy or to show mercy on anyone

but right there in that bottom gif. his body language says a LOT.

first let’s focus on the way he moves himself. at the beginning of the clip, we see him standing tall and proud, a sign that he is determined and very confident in himself and his plans. this is a villain’s stance when they know exactly what they want and how to do it. but the moment Tony mentions his brother, his stance softens a bit. his shoulders lower a little, he pivots off to the side, and walks away. this small movement can indicate that he’s definitely uncomfortable now and the thought of Thor lowers his confidence a bit.

then pay attention to his hands. right before, he had an iron grip on that staff, solid and unmoving. another sign of confidence and determination. but after being reminded of his brother, you see him start to fidget and move the staff around. compare this to a person shaking their foot or tapping their fingers. usually done by people who are uncomfortable in their environment or when they’re nervous about something. it can also indicate annoyance, but combined with his other body language I’m inclined to not think so…

last, and most obviously, is his face. he starts with a sarcastic smirk, definitely the look of a cocky smart ass who is so damn confident in himself. but then you can see the exact moment where that cocky confidence just drops completely. he attempts to keep a headstrong face, but it overwhelms him and he lets out a sigh, closes his eyes, and turns away. at first i thought it was out of annoyance, but if you watch closely, a split second after he sighs and turns away he makes a different expression. his eyes drop, his head tilts a bit, and his eyebrows relax. it isn’t an annoyed expression, but one that looks more sad and uncertain, like he just learned that his plans might not work out…

…or that maybe he doesn’t hate his brother as much as he thought he did.

it’s a sign of hurt. a face you make when you’re faced with a decision that could possibly hurt someone you might care about. and he turns away because he doesn’t want Tony to see. Loki doesn’t want Tony to see that he might have a weakness or that he might actually care about someone aside from himself. he needs to keep up this strong appearance if he wants to be taken seriously and to succeed in his plans, so he turns away to compose himself, and comes back even snarkier than before, possibly as a defense mechanism.

i love this clip, not just because of the amazing snarky banter between Tony and Loki, but because you catch a glimpse at the complex layers that make Loki such an interesting villain. he may be an evil little shit, but even the evilest of shits can’t forget about someone they spent most of their life with.

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