Shit. I did *not* recognize Lee Pace in this movie o___o


austentatious asked: 23. As of this minute, what is going through your mind?

Deciding whether I should feel like utter shit because things are not going according to plan (for my birthday celebration) or that I should feel happy because I’m still incredibly blessed.

Thank you for the reply! :) I agree that it’s technically not a catcall. I found it funny that the whole time I was expecting the usual “hey there gorgeous” and I got something polite instead lol
I remember thinking “well that’s the nicest catcall I ever received” and laughing about it as I got closer to my house. It’s the tone they used that made it still feel like a catcall I guess.
But yes, it was still creepy and it made me even more tense as I continued my walk back home.

i got the weirdest catcall one night. in fact, i’m not even sure if i should call it a catcall.

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so i was on google translate yesterday and i tried to translate something i saw on a page


it makes no sense when you put it into context so i checked the page again and



turns out, one letter really does make a difference

you know you’ve gained a LOT of weight when the scale creaks under your weight

*insert aliens guy meme* VACATION.

I thought smh meant suck my head so it’s good

I do this thing where I guess what an acronym means before searching it on urbandictionary. For example:

  • For the longest time in high school, I thought ‘ftw’ was ‘fuck the world’ (from wtf)
  • I thought ‘smh’ was ‘so much hope’ (from gmh)
  • Just now, I thought ‘ngl’ was ‘nigga get real’ but then thought “oh no, real doesn’t start with an l”, so I went for ‘nigga get laid’

Just saw Maleficent and the moment the crow shapeshifted, I was all “OH WOW I NEED TO GOOGLE THAT GUY”. Apparently the guy’s name is Sam Riley. Will gather more info on him in the morning.

It was just like the moment I first found out about Tom Hiddleston. Aka the incident I like to call “How I First Fell In Love With Tom”. Haha! I believe Mr. Riley would start raking in fangirls soon.

Okay woah why am I finding out just now that I share the same birthday with the Sprouse brothers?

Is it weird that I read ‘cochlea’ as ‘coachella’?

I finally broke my hair clamp! Not on purpose though. I was just wondering this morning why it hasn’t broken yet when I’ve had it for years plus with the abuse it’s gotten with the kind of hair I have. I prefer it over hair ties because it’s less stress on my scalp and keeps my hard to manage hair in one place. I only wear them when I’m at home though. Not really fashionable I guess.

Now I have to buy a new one. It’s gonna be such a pain to look for a cute one that’ll last. Especially with the hair I have :<


As a non-American, I am thankful media has educated me that:

  • Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter
  • JFK was a mutant

This thing is getting notes. Is this my road to fame or…???