I’m making notebooks out of recycled pages and I suddenly had this urge to write ‘Death Note’ on one of them.

I’m making notebooks out of recycled pages and I suddenly had this urge to write ‘Death Note’ on one of them.

Just watched Thor: The Dark World! :D

it’s 5 am

i can’t sleep

OH MY GOSH IT’S FINALLY DONE! I CAN’T RECOVER FROM ALL THE FEEEELS… FREE FEELS… FREEELSSS!!! T____T And as I was about to be converted into MakoHaru, sudden turn of events *cough*episode12*cough* made me go back to RinHaru. I don’t know anymore! But ughhghgh how did I get so emotionally invested in this swimming anime??!! щ(ಥДಥщ)


shingeki no kyojin episode 21-22 = les miserables empty chairs at empty tables

dammit too much feels in one episode T_____T

things that occurred to me while watching episode 22 of shingeki no kyojin

  • doesn’t levi get dizzy with all that spinning?
  • man, he’s super fast
  • and graceful
  • he’d probably be an awesome dancer
  • ballerina maybe?
  • mmmm yes, thug turned ballerina
  • levi-heichou in a tutu
  • someone please make this happen

okay okay so I found out that Stein and Marie became canon because askjdhakjsdh Marie was pregnant with Stein’s baby??!?! wtfwtfwtf


A-and then… I found out that Soul Eater had ended. As in that reveal happened right at last chapter.

I don’t know what to feel right now. To be slapped with information like that twice. Idk man. It’s like when I found out the anime of Bleach had already ended o__O


Also, I ended up drinking my peace offering for my mom. She wouldn’t accept it and she’s still mad I came home late.

Note to self: never be afraid to talk to strangers in cafes/bookstores

Because that stranger might just be a really cool award winning artist.

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Since school’s starting again, I better make a post about one of the many coincidences I’ve experienced during my stay in the university. Actually there have been a lot of cases since freshman year!

Finding out this classmate was from the same subdivision, this girl I just talked to at an event became a classmate, that same girl’s friend I was just introduced to also became my classmate, another guy I met here ended up becoming one of my closest friends in college.

They just keep coming and coming.

The most recent ones were during summer class.

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i don’t know bout you guys but i checked out some of daniel bruhl’s photos and some shots kind of reminded me of evan peters and quite a bit of jim sturgess.