i love these guys

i remember that when i finished watching the final backstage special of burimyu with the original cast, they all sang their last song together and cried a bit and my heart broke.

it was something surreal and amazing. it was as if you could read their every emotion in their eyes.

by watching the backstage specials and extras you could get a sense of what this group of actors was like and even from an outside point of view, you could tell how close they were. just by watching them, you could get closer to them. 

then suddenly all of those feelings that have grown and grown for years culminate in that single, final song. all of their emotions are brought out in front of the audience and you just know, everybody knows, that everything they’ve done and been through together throughout all these years—all of the hard work they’ve put into the musical and all of the friendships that have been formed in the process—is absolutely true and real.

and that just makes me love and respect this particular Burimyu cast even more.

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Royai alphabet • Y - You are… - If I love you it’s because you are. You are my life, my accomplice and my everything.

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Damn Ed, when did you grow up and get wonderful biceps

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But seriously though, the way the series handled the aging was one of my favorite aspects of this show. It’s almost unnoticeable until this episode.

It was almost like watching a real person grow up day to day, it happens so slowly and then one day you’re like “WHOA WHEN DID YOU GET SO TALL AND ADULT WHAT”


I also kind of like that it wasn’t a big deal Ed had actually gotten to an average height. You’d expect him to be freaking out about it but NOPE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS. It wasn’t played as a “NOW HE IS WORTHY” thing just “oh this happened no one cared.” It was a subtle way to show everyone didn’t even notice the change in themselves and their priorities. Of course, Al teased Ed about it later when everything had settled down, just casually.

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