I am dedicating this post for my undying love for Bleach

No, not the ones you use for cleaning your clothes. It’s Bleach, the anime/manga made by the awesome Kubo Tite.

I’ve been hanging on to some IshiHime (yes, that’s right, I ship Ishida and Orihime) feels for quite some time. I went to livejournal and found Bleachness. I’m assuming it’s a community for sharing all kinds of Bleach goodness and pairings.  And mind you, I almost cried from reading one of their IshiHime fanfics. It was so good T____T

Anyway, I read one of the first posts and it says

Cute tweet from Kudo Masashi (animation director of now deceased Bleach anime) on what he thinks when drawing Rukia.

Hold that thought.






I quickly check out wiki, and it confirmed that yes, the anime for Bleach has already been finished. The last episode aired on March 27, 2012.

You guys. You don’t know how much this means to me. Bleach was what launched me in all these fangirling business. Over anime. Over manga. Over pairings. It made me go on shipping sprees. It made me go googly eyes over everything Japan related. It made me gaga over things that are kawaii and sugoi (ha! don’t care how you’re annoyed with those words, I’m still gonna use them).

This is all just big news to me. I’ve been away from the fandom for so long. This is all so overwhelming. I want to rewatch it but so many things are holding me back. I think I’m just gonna cry in a corner or something.